Courtney & Co (Straight Talking Real Estate) was born from the desire to disconnect from the boring, conservative heavyweights of the real estate industry. A boutique real estate agency, that isn’t like a real estate agency. We’re boutique in the sense that it is all about you and your home in every respect. At Courtney & Co, we give our clients an authentic and straight to the point approach. We care about the work and we care about the people we work with.




Licensed Real Estate Agent

Courtney is one of the most successful real estate agents in the North West area. Her personable and professional character allows her to build and maintain solid relationships, which is why her business has grown mostly from referrals and repeat clients, earning her a place in the top rankings for the last five years at a prestigious high-end real estate agency.

With over 9 years of experience and huge personal success in the industry, Courtney has become a household name when it comes to real estate transactions.

Courtney will tell you how it is and is matter of fact, she’s about achieving the best result for you.  


Operations Manager

Ani has used her 10 years of executive assistant/ office manager experience to create a rock-solid administration.

She is happiest when she can help achieve targets and make a business more successful.

When people describe Ani, "helpful and friendly" is often the first response.

Her love for people leads her to help others whenever she can. So be sure to say hi to her whenever you need help!

She is obsessed with her dog and chocolate. Outside of work, you can find her at Yoga studio or in her kitchen, cooking tasty food.


Consultant, Licensed Real Estate Agent

Jo knows the ropes and predominantly works behind the scenes at Courtney & Co.

With a career in marketing and design for national and international companies, she’s no dummy. Oh … and she is a licensed salesperson too.

Well known for her love of animals, anything property, cars and motorbikes and warm, sunny places.

Rachel Proper.png

Office: 09 412 9903


Staging and Interior

Rebecca offers a unique service of home styling through simple changes of reinventing space and rethinking the items within it. 

She will walk you through the entire process of transforming your home in preparation for sale or help restyle and reinvent your home with your existing furnishings. Offering beautiful hire pieces predominantly from local and New Zealand creatives and up-cycling entrepreneurs and vintage pieces, to ensure your home is authentic and has depth and soul.  From space planning and decluttering, creative full or partial home styling to sale preparation advice, Rebecca will work to ensure you home resonates with today’s buyers. 

Aligning with Courtney & Co's philosophy of disconnection from the boring and conservative Rebecca can help increase the potential of your home.


Office: 09 412 9903



The ‘eye’? He has it!

Chris joins us with 25 years’ experience as a photographer in New Zealand, the UK and Europe. A jet setter with an appreciation of architecture.

Chris’s specialty? Capturing the ‘je ne sais quoi’ of YOUR property, through HIS lens.


Office: 09 412 9903


Creative Genius

Amy designs marketing, advertising and branding for Courtney & Co. She uses the tools of Adobe Creative Suite and extensive knowledge in art direction, branding, advertising, marketing, photo retouching, copy proofing and real estate to ensure your property is shown in its best possible light. When not happily creating she can be found cuddling the dog and exhaling loudly during yoga.


Office: 09 412 9903


Systems Manager

Darren is a full-blown Guru in all things tech. With a history in motor racing, he is the go to when the ‘go button’ doesn’t work. His extensive business knowledge and successful track record in company growth, Darren dances through life (literally with Ceroc moves) developing systems and improving processes for businesses with pizazz. The dynamic new business model of Courtney & Co makes him the perfect fit.


Office: 09 412 9903


Health and Safety Officer

Dedicated and loyal to his co-workers, Rubble ensures everyone knows they are a valued member of the team. Although his toilet training is still in progress, it’s the thought that counts right? Did someone say ‘Walkies’!?